…out the window…

Our utility company has been trimming trees and brush for the past few months. During this past summer, we would wander down the road to catch a glimpse of the excitement.

Flashing lights. Loud noise. Heavy equipment. Every little man’s dream. He was enamored.

They just started on our house on Monday. I had just put Gianna down for a nap. I took him into my bedroom and showed him what was happening. He is at the stage of not enjoying photos, which is probably why I enjoy these so much. I went downstairs and grabbed my camera. I  crept upstairs and watched him look out the window. I was able to snap a few before he noticed I was there.

We then bundled up and went outside for a better look. After we were frozen from the driving sleet, we came inside and enjoyed a nice cup of lukewarm hot chocolate, toddler style.

Beth Erin Photography. Natural lifestyleLooking out the window3Looking out the window4Looking out the window2



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