…Boys love mud | Temperance, MI…

Boys love mud. And all that goes with it.

These pictures were from about a month ago, but I am just getting around to them. However, they might as well have been from this weekend!

It is spring in Michigan. We have had quite a few rainy days that have left us with glorious mud puddles. This two year old couldn’t be happier.

A weekend project of removing 60 brick pavers left 60 perfect mud pits on Monday morning. It was chilly, but that couldn’t stop the little Mr. and his excavator. I am not quite sure what they were doing.

However, he was already donning outfit three for the day (after two from Sunday!)….the backup to the backup pajamas.

He and the excavator had a slight mishap as flipped over backward into a mud pit. Not to worry! There was work to do.

Love this little man.

 dumptruck8 (1 of 1) dumptruck7 (1 of 1) dumptruck9 (1 of 1) dumptruck10 (1 of 1) dumptruck11 (1 of 1) dumptruck12 (1 of 1) dumptruck4 (1 of 1)  dumptruck2 (1 of 1) dumptruck1 (1 of 1)

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