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I love the type of family that instantly makes you feel like you are one of them. They are that family. I spent the day with them and captured some special images.

We had a busy day. A Baptism in the morning, a family photo session, and then a backyard party. The three siblings, their parents, and their great grandma are really wonderful people. Laughter, great conversation, and love. That is a sign of a good day.

They were celebrating the addition of one special little lady. Everyone fought over who got to hold her. I don’t think there was a moment where she wasn’t held. Those are the best days. I had so many favorites from the weekend. It was difficult to choose a few to share. Here are a few from the day!

I love hand photos. Generational photos make me smile. A newborn, two toddlers, two moms, a grandma, and one great grandma.

Lemerand (7 of 7)

This grandma loved holding this little lady. I love how they are looking at each other.

Lemerand (1 of 1)

Lemerand (1 of 1)-3

A shot from the backyard party while being held by her Aunt.

Lemerand (1 of 1)-4

We had a large group shot. The preparation shots were some of my favorites. These two little girls stole the show!

Lemerand (3 of 7)

Lemerand (2 of 7)

All of the men. I love how happy their faces look.

Lemerand (5 of 7)

 Her Gaga (great grandma) had some wonderful snuggle moments.

Lemerand (6 of 7) Lemerand (1 of 1)-2

Uncle Eddie is a popular fellow. His nieces and nephew adore him! She plopped right down beside him and asked him to read a book.

family (1 of 1)

They were just standing, waiting to be told where to stand, so I snuck a few. Oh, my. These red heads are adorable!

Lemerand (4 of 7)

 What a wonderful family!Lemerand (1 of 7)

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