…Eric & Janis & Family | Family Session Freeland MI…

This is a fun family. I was able to sneak over to their house, early on Saturday morning, and just watch them be.

I asked Janis, while scheduling their session, if they had any special family traditions, as that is what I wanted to capture for them. Yes, I wanted to get some family shots and individual shots, but what I really wanted was to capture a few moments of them enjoying each other.

She said they played a lot with their kids out side. Eric and Connor played catch and the four of them spent  a lot of time on their swing set. So we did. They played. They laughed. It was a lot of fun to just sit and watch them interact.

Saturday mornings are the best! Here are a few of my favorites from the morning.

lifestyle. picking flowers. lifestyle mom hands on the back fence. playing catch with dad in the street. lifestyle. girl swinging and laughing. lifestyle. girl swinging and laughing. Beth Erin Photography. lifestyle Mom watching daughter swing. lifestyle. boy on monkey bars.lifestyle. playing catch with dad.lifestyle. girl on monkey bars.

lifestyle. parents watching kids play.We met back up that evening at Festival Park, as the weather really didn’t want to cooperate that morning. The kids were amazing. The sun decided to peak out of the clouds/rain, and then we fought through the feisty mosquitoes, but I have so many favorites from that night.

Thank you guys for including me for that night.

We were just got to the park and started talking about our plan. I looked over at Emily, who was sweetly holding her mom’s hand. lifestyle. daughter holding mom's hand. lifestyle. family of four walking in a park. mom holding son's hand.I just LOVE how she is looking at him.daughter looking at dad

I overheard Eric say, “I feel like we are engaged again.” I hope he meant this. Conor picked her a sweet bouquet.couple kissing in park Mom and dad kissing in park.As soon as we got to the park, they ran down to the dock and spent a few minutes throwing sticks and looking for fish. They are great kids. Brother and sister.Family of four pose.

boy photo park. Young girl on a dock.If you are ever in need of some FANTASTIC light…check out your neighbor’s back yard!dad and daughter Mom and daughter photo.Couples hands.

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