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Time slowed down for a few moments this morning. We were outside soaking up a few minutes of sun before the afternoon storm. Gabe started picking flowers and making a bouquet (a new word he learned last week). Gianna is his little shadow and crawled after him as she wants to be with him at all times.

Today, they picked clover flowers.

He handed her a few, while she promptly chomped on them.

His small little hands kept perfecting his bouquet.

He said he loved me and he was making me a bouquet.

After he said he was finished, we started to go inside to put my bouquet in water. We were momentarily sidetracked as the neighbor was outside. We stopped to talk to her for a few moments. Evidently, we stayed too long as he threw my bouquet in a nice patch of poison ivy.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Toddlers. Real life. It was perfect.

I hope to remember these moments, forever. His mismatched pajamas and all ;).

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