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Miss Gianna. 9 months old.

Likes: ME. I dare not be out of her sight. Her preference is to be in my arms at all times. Period. Sweets. Her men make her light up like no tomorrow. She is busy. Crawling is still her method of transportation. However, she has recently decided that standing for a few seconds might not be such a bad thing. She loves to pull up on just about anything. She feels that messes and dirt are crucial. Her love of dandelions has not dwindled. Due to the lack of availability, she has been known to branch out to clover flowers. Her face lights up when she does something new. Standing on her tip toes? Amazing. Clapping? Oh, yes. She loves to throw her arms up in the air (We say, “SO BIG!”).

Official Stats: 20 lbs. 29.5 in. She wears 24 month clothes consistently. 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom).

Says: Mumum. Daaada. (Arbitrarily)

Sleep. She still likes her naps at 9 and 1. Her morning nap is about 1.5 hours and the afternoon one is closer to 2.5 hours. Nighttime is a consistent 7-6 and typically wakes once.

Food. Not impressed. She will nibble on graham crackers, avocado, and yogurt. She did grab a piece of steak of my plate and refused to release it. I was proud.

Nicknames. We are working on curbing those. Gabe has just recently realized that she has a given name.

Her hair is soooo fair right now. It is hard to believe that it was once almost raven colored. Her eyes are still a brilliant blue. Her little legs are very tan from hours chasing dandelions and swinging. She recently donned her first pair of shorts (dresses were slowing her down too much!!) and my heart skipped a beat. Little baby calves. Adorable. I looked down at her legs the other day and they no longer look like baby legs.

You are such a blessing, my dear.

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