…Joel + Katie & Family | Mini Family Session | Belgrade, MT…

I have known these two for a long time. Do you want a cool story?

He was the second person I met at freshman orientation at Montana State University. A girl who elbowed me in the face (during a high school basketball game) introduced us. (thanks Katy!!) I got him involved in an organization (FOCUS) that helped him meet his wife….years later. After I graduated from MSU, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado for graduate school. He was selected as a campus missionary at CSU. He helped my find a roommate (Heather), a girl who would later introduce me to my husband. We later convinced Katie to be our roommate and she later became his wife. Weird. Confusing? Awesome. Maybe it makes more sense in my head.


They will always be some of my most favorite people.

I have many memories with her in the little yellow house in Fort Collins. I will never forget when she drove (HOURS!…while pregnant!!) to be at my shower. To surprise me. Friends don’t get better than her.

They have two of the cutest girls.

Big sis was all about the pictures.

Their eyes are so expressive. I love their matching dresses.

I wish you could have seen how they squealed when there dad got home from work. Sheer joy.

We did a quick mini session while we were on our annual Montana vacation.

Enjoy this amazing family!

Laliberty-1-5 Laliberty-1-4laliberty-19 Laliberty-1-9 laliberty-2laliberty-20laliberty-5laliberty-7laliberty-10laliberty-3

She was so excited about the tree canopy.laliberty-11laliberty-12 Laliberty-1-6

I love them. Look at her face. There are so many emotions expressed in this moment. laliberty-16 laliberty-18

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