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Five kids. Five adorable full of life kids. This family has one happy home. They have the most fantastic back yard. They are nestled in among six mountain ranges. Sacagawea Peak (Bridger Mountains) is right outside their back door. The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking. The kids were super excited to show me their favorite part of the yard to take photos. The trees. The swings. By this bush. No, this spot is my favorite. Take a picture of me!

It rained every day we were there. I was thankful the sun peaked through the clouds and the mountains to give us a sunny and beautiful afternoon.

I might be extremely partial to this family as this is my big sister, her awesome husband, and their adorable brood. I love how each of the kid’s personalities show in the photos. One tends to be serious. One, goofy. You decide which is which ;).

While on our way to take photos outdoors, we had to stop a few times to play trains, read books, and build things. Boys. I may or may not have baited them with marshmallows. They were doubly excited as a birthday party was to follow.

The three bros are quite the entertainers.

The ladies have their daddy’s heart. Completely.

Oh. They just got a puppy. As sweet as can be Red/White Border Collie. She has no idea how fantastic her life will be.

The two little ladies will have such a friendship when they are older. I am thankful to have my older sister in my life. She has been there so many times for me. From being chased up the barn roof by a rooster as a little kid, giggling late at night, (don’t worry…we had fights;))… to countless hours chatting while turning hay bales, and now peppering her with questions about babies/kids. She has and will continue to be there for me. Some days I pretend we still live right next to each other. Sisters are the best of friends. These girls are so very lucky.

Here are some of my favorites.

allfive-9 allfive-4allfive-10 allfive-11 allfive-18 Quinn-1-2 Quinnfamily-1

allfive-47allfive-65allfive-61 allfive-60 allfive-58 allfive-68 allfive-69 allfive-70 allfive-78 allfive-82 allfive-83 allfive-5allfive-50

She is just stunning, isn’t she?Quinn-1We were able to celebrate one young man’s birthday while we were there. I have a tradition of making the cake/treat/dessert with the birthday kid. This year, we decided on a frosted rice krispie “cake” that was decorated with his stuffed puppy. I traced on the image and he decorated it himself. He was so proud!

Quinn-1-7 Quinn-1-8 Quinn-1-9


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