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Have you ever met someone that instantly made you feel like family? Maybe it is someone that you may just met, haven’t seen for ten years, don’t talk to but a few times a year, but know you are FAMILY. Once you meet up? You pick up right where you left off. You can spend hours cooking away in the kitchen, playing with the children, reminiscing with the adults. You just feel the love and the connection.

My mom’s side of the family is that family. They are truly very special.

I have never met any other family like this.

Last week, my children, my mother, and myself made a quick road trip (9.5 hours) to Felton, PA. York County Pennsylvania is the land of fantastic peaches, winding roads, gorgeous barns, and my family. We stayed with my uncle, visited with family, and soaked up as much family as physically possible in six days. Tears were shed, necks were hugged, laughter and memories were created.

This particular family?

They are my cousins, but I told Toni I was adopting her as a sister. My son calls them Aunt and Uncle. I love that. Toni’s smile and laugh are infectious. Trampas loves them all fiercely.

Their daughter is the sweetest. She spent hours playing with my kids, helping bathe/dress/feed my kids throughout the week. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Their son? His eyes are incredible. He might be a best friend of my little boy. They referred to each other as “Somebody” and “Gave.” Too cute.

It was drizzling out when we started this session, which matched my mood as it was our last evening together. However, their smiles would warm up anyone. The beautiful colors were almost enchanting.

We had such a wonderful time there, I can’t wait to go back. The kids will be bigger, we will be older, but…..they will be there. Family.

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