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Eight years. Cancer. Seven years of graduate school. Four children. They have been through quite a journey already. They are still so joyful.

Sometimes people are just a breath of fresh air. She is. Her laugh and her smile are contagious. I met her a year ago, when their youngest girl was an itty bitty. He is finishing up his Post Doctorate fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Toledo. Their kids are just fantastic. I was really excited when we started talking family photos a few months ago.

The kids were troopers. Three of them fell asleep in the car on the way over as it was really close to bedtime. This was a shoot where I just loved to sit back and watch them interact. They each wanted a turn holding their little sister. The hugs and kisses and loves didn’t stop the entire time.

At one point, an airplane flew overhead and the youngest son was instantly daydreaming about some sort of adventure, I am sure. You can tell how much love is in this family but looking at the photos of them all together. They make my heart happy.

Their family, motto: “That this too, might make me holy.”

Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

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