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“For better or worse till death do us part
I’ll love you with every beat of my heart”

Two sweet little girls and one adorable new baby brother.

I met the mom at a park play date a few months ago when she was still pregnant with their baby boy. Their girls are my children’s age, which prompted a mom/kid play date. Code for adult conversation while kids dig in a sandbox. The best type of play date.

She is a farm girl – which makes me soooo happy. He is a Physical Therapist. We spent the morning talking about animals,  growing up on a farm, having kids, marriage. It was so refreshing. She has an adorable ETSY shop for cute hats and sewn goods.

They are lindy hoppers!! I get excited about meeting fellow swingers. If only I had some outdoor swing music. Swing is just good for the soul.

While we were taking photos, two little fawns stumbled out into the field and watched us. The girls squealed with excitement.
They picked little bouquets for their mom. The sun was just slipping down below the trees and left a gorgeous glow on everything.

Her Mr. is so happy when he looks at her. I love the one of him laughing. She is stunning and a beautiful person, inside and out.
These three kids are so lucky to have them as parents. Caring, compassionate and patient.

Thank you for sharing your family with me!!

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