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…Treadway Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

a set of twins. those curls. the sweetest big brother. it was quite chilly and breezy, but this sweet family was up for traipsing through the tall grass, snuggling in blankets, playing games.

so many favorites from this session!

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…Becker Family | Temperance, MI…

“sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart.” winnie the pooh

i love how they look at her. you can see their love.

oh the weather made this session almost happen. we reschedule a few weeks ago due to a downpour. it rained most of the day on sunday. we were predicted to have one hour of no rain so we decided to try to fit it in between rain drops. it was chilly and drizzly, but they didn’t mind! miss E. you are one loved little lady. i can’t believe how much you have grown. six months already!

she loves to stand on their legs. she rocks a pink helmet. she lights up when they talk to her. 

miss e, you are one lucky girl. they will give you their all.

a few favorites:


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…Becker Family | Dundee, MI | Newborn Session…

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!” – Belle

This sweet little baby girl. Six days new and completely adored by her parents. Their first baby. Baby Everly. Those sweet firsts are so special, right in the middle of those first sleepless nights.

I got to help with her first babywearing up. Pavo wraps are amazing. Daddy surprised her with this sweet wrap. Just like that she settled right in and fell asleep. Those little toes, fingers, and sweet sighs. Dark raven hair.  She was so alert and loved to look intently at each of them.  Grandma brought her Baptismal gown. This gown was worn by mom and her two aunts.

They will help her become whatever she wants.

Sweet Everly, I can’t wait to see your adventures.

Here are a few favorites! 


becker newborn lifestyle session




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…Baby Isaac | Toledo, Ohio | Fresh 48…


There is something truly amazing about those first few hours.

The quiet moments. Their little sounds. Meeting them for the first time.

Little man, we couldn’t love you more.

“love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.” St. Teresa of Calcutta.

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…Lauren & Drake S. & family | Temperance, MI | Family session…


Eight years. Cancer. Seven years of graduate school. Four children. They have been through quite a journey already. They are still so joyful.

Sometimes people are just a breath of fresh air. She is. Her laugh and her smile are contagious. I met her a year ago, when their youngest girl was an itty bitty. He is finishing up his Post Doctorate fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Toledo. Their kids are just fantastic. I was really excited when we started talking family photos a few months ago.

The kids were troopers. Three of them fell asleep in the car on the way over as it was really close to bedtime. This was a shoot where I just loved to sit back and watch them interact. They each wanted a turn holding their little sister. The hugs and kisses and loves didn’t stop the entire time.

At one point, an airplane flew overhead and the youngest son was instantly daydreaming about some sort of adventure, I am sure. You can tell how much love is in this family but looking at the photos of them all together. They make my heart happy.

Their family, motto: “That this too, might make me holy.”

Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

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…Theresa & Nathan B. & Family | Family Session | Temperance, MI…


“For better or worse till death do us part
I’ll love you with every beat of my heart”

Two sweet little girls and one adorable new baby brother.

I met the mom at a park play date a few months ago when she was still pregnant with their baby boy. Their girls are my children’s age, which prompted a mom/kid play date. Code for adult conversation while kids dig in a sandbox. The best type of play date.

She is a farm girl – which makes me soooo happy. He is a Physical Therapist. We spent the morning talking about animals,  growing up on a farm, having kids, marriage. It was so refreshing. She has an adorable ETSY shop for cute hats and sewn goods.

They are lindy hoppers!! I get excited about meeting fellow swingers. If only I had some outdoor swing music. Swing is just good for the soul.

While we were taking photos, two little fawns stumbled out into the field and watched us. The girls squealed with excitement.
They picked little bouquets for their mom. The sun was just slipping down below the trees and left a gorgeous glow on everything.

Her Mr. is so happy when he looks at her. I love the one of him laughing. She is stunning and a beautiful person, inside and out.
These three kids are so lucky to have them as parents. Caring, compassionate and patient.

Thank you for sharing your family with me!!

bylicki-beth-erin-photography bylicki-beth-erin-photography-6 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-9 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-12 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-15 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-18 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-22 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-23 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-26 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-29 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-36 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-40 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-46 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-49 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-51 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-54 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-56 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-60 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-63 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-72 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-73 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-83 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-87 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-88 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-90 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-91 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-97


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…Rich & Debbie | Family | Temperance, MI…

Rich and Debbie have six of the most beautiful children. They arrived to my house on a perfect afternoon, last week. I thoroughly enjoyed a peak into their lives. The giggles, the sweet little voices.

One of their daughters was instantly my best friend. She was so warm and affectionate just moments after meeting me. One girl is desperately fond of horses, something I understand so well. She wanted to play horses in the open field. One girl loved to pick flowers. The youngest girl wasn’t far behind as they explored and raced through the field. These little ladies love their brother. They each wanted to hold him for pictures. The kids might have played for hours. They played horses. We went on wagon rides. They played ring around the rosy. They laughed.

At one point, the mom and dad stole a quick kiss. One daughter exclaimed, “Oh, so romantic.” They make eleven years of marriage look beautiful.

“The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling.” Saint Pope John Paul II

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