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…Wentke Family | Family Session | Temperance MI…

oh this is a sweet family. fellow westerners. we talked about wyoming….open spaces, prairie, animals. life out west.
three of the sweetest kids. their personalities were so precious to observe. dad got stuck at work, but was able to make it just as the sun dipped down for the night. 
we traipsed all over my yard. they got covered in burrs. the kids must have removed 200000 burrs of their clothing.
but these were soooo worth it.

they had the best outfits. socks. boots. suspenders. so fun. i will never forget the “my name is hunter. my boots have my name.” he was so proud.

a few favorites!

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…Treadway Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

a set of twins. those curls. the sweetest big brother. it was quite chilly and breezy, but this sweet family was up for traipsing through the tall grass, snuggling in blankets, playing games.

so many favorites from this session!

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…Becker Family | Temperance, MI…

“sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in our heart.” winnie the pooh

i love how they look at her. you can see their love.

oh the weather made this session almost happen. we reschedule a few weeks ago due to a downpour. it rained most of the day on sunday. we were predicted to have one hour of no rain so we decided to try to fit it in between rain drops. it was chilly and drizzly, but they didn’t mind! miss E. you are one loved little lady. i can’t believe how much you have grown. six months already!

she loves to stand on their legs. she rocks a pink helmet. she lights up when they talk to her. 

miss e, you are one lucky girl. they will give you their all.

a few favorites:


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…Saum Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

Oh, are the best thing…ever happened to me…(Ray LaMontagne)

This sweet little family came to my house last week and we had a gorgeous 70 degree day in the end of October! The leaves were at their peak. The air smelled of fall. Perfect. Giggles. Sweet babies.

The little girl was adorable and kind. Little brother was quite unsure of my random antics to try to steal a smile. If you need outfit suggestions, just ask Jessica. Their colors were perfect. His little vest, perfect. She is a Lularoe consultant and fellow photographer. I know how hard it is to get photos with your kids! Their kids loved the kisses and cuddles. His sweet little fingers played with her necklace. Her perfect little kisses kissed her dads cheek. These sweet little moments should be remembered forever.

A few favorites.

saum-betherinphotography-1-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-8-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-12-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-28-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-33-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-16-of-206saum-betherinphotography-43-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-45-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-59-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-62-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-65-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-73-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-77-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-84-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-86-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-89-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-93-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-97-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-102-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-103-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-107-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-111-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-112-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-118-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-120-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-121-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-127-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-128-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-149-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-157-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-167-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-168-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-186-of-206 saum-betherinphotography-206-of-206saum-betherinphotography-201-of-206

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…Przybylski Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

I am so thankful to know this beautiful family. They have become some of our favorite people. Their kids are my kids favorite people. We have already spent hours in my back yard (and theirs!) building friendships and sandcastles. Those three boys love their little sister like no other. She is a lucky gal.

Their little girl and our little girl will hopefully be lasting friends and my son has some great role models.  Mom and Dad? They are such giving and caring people. Mom’s smile lights up a room and her laugh can make anyone’s day.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.


przybylski-betherinphotography-18-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-43-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-54-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-58-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-75-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-79-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-89-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-91-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-45-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-103-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-110-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-88-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-115-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-142-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-98-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-156-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-212-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-161-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-189-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-194-of-214 przybylski-betherinphotography-84-of-214przybylski-betherinphotography-208-of-214

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…Cousino Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

I met this sweet family last fall. Six beautiful children.

They giggled. They chased each other across the fields. They picked flowers for their mom and blew fluff off the lone dandelion for the season. I loved just watching them interact. The little man wore a tie just like dad. One girl “brought refreshments” and they had a little picnic during our session. The little cat boots. Their little necklaces. They wanted to show me everything and help take pictures.

Such a beautiful evening watching them just be.

Here are some favorites:

cousino-betherinphotography-2-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-11-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-13-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-14-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-21-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-32-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-35-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-43-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-49-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-59-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-63-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-64-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-75-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-92-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-100-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-103-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-128-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-138-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-144-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-146-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-149-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-152-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-153-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-173-of-174cousino-betherinphotography-99-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-118-of-174


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…Jacobs Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

jacobs-betherinphotography-16This family is really special to me. We met during our son’s infant swim class three years ago. Our sons quickly became good friends. We don’t live that close anymore, but we still try to find days and places to get together. Some days it is at a park where the kids can feed ducks. Other times it is at REI for some quick errands.We never have long enough time to spend together.

Either way, I really appreciate her. She is always positive. Always smiling and always there for people. She radiates love. He is her biggest supporter and you can tell how proud he is of her by how he talks about her. Their son is sweet as can be. They just welcomed a daughter this year and she is the happiest baby.

Babywearing is a big part of their lives and I was really happy that she wanted to shoot some photos wrapping their little girl. She got me started with woven wraps and I am so thankful. She runs a FB page called Wrapped Around the World that is full of information, advice and suggestions for fellow baby wearers. She is a fellow photographer and I understand and appreciate how important it is to have few photos with you actually in them.

We snuck this session in just before the sun set after spending that afternoon celebrating my son’s birthday. The colors were striking. I had a hard time choosing some favorites.

Here is a sneak peek:

jacobs-betherinphotography-4 jacobs-betherinphotography-20 jacobs-betherinphotography-27 jacobs-betherinphotography-30 jacobs-betherinphotography-40 jacobs-betherinphotography-42 jacobs-betherinphotography-44 jacobs-betherinphotography-46 jacobs-betherinphotography-51 jacobs-betherinphotography-55 jacobs-betherinphotography-58 jacobs-betherinphotography-68 jacobs-betherinphotography-79 jacobs-betherinphotography-83 jacobs-betherinphotography-88 jacobs-betherinphotography-91 jacobs-betherinphotography-99 jacobs-betherinphotography-110 jacobs-betherinphotography-115 jacobs-betherinphotography-118 jacobs-betherinphotography-119 jacobs-betherinphotography-124 jacobs-betherinphotography-128 jacobs-betherinphotography-132

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