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…Let him sleep | Toddler Lifestyle Temperance, MI…

“Let him sleep, for when he wakes, he will move mountains.”

This toddler is always on the go. He is busy. Constantly.

There is something about sleeping baby/kid pictures that make my heart…swell. I have a soft spot for them, indeed. Little Mr. is a very light sleeper. He wakes up at the drop of a pin. He gets that from me.

Yesterday, it was creeping after 5PM and he was still asleep. I went up stairs to awaken him and he didn’t move. I ran down and grabbed my camera, hoping to steal a few photos to cherish that moment.



He looked so tiny crumpled on his bed. So peaceful and precious.

The rough and tumble toddler looked every bit like my sweet baby boy. Two and a half years old. I just stood there in awe of how thankful I was to be his mom. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a bit choked up.

There are very few moments in the day where the two of us just get that stillness. Those moments are heavily cherished. He still allows about 30 seconds of holding him when I get him from his nap. Then he is off! Growing up before my eyes.

Those moments where they just collapse in your arms. Their warm little bodies cuddled up in your neck. I live for those moments.

Here are some of those sweet moments I stole. We love you, Little Mr.

sleeping1 (1 of 1) sleeping2 (1 of 1) sleeping3 (1 of 1) sleeping4 (1 of 1) sleeping5 (1 of 1) sleeping6 (1 of 1)

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…6 months…

indoor portrait six month session

Gianna Marie. 6 months old.

My, what a sweet baby girl. I was able to snap a few photos of her before her brother was up. I can’t believe how much she has grown. As cliche as it sounds, it really is true. I blinked.

Likes: Her brother. Her dad. The two men in her life make for the best smiles and coos. She has just started to be captivated by toys. Her feet and hands remain as favorites. She loves to be carried…everywhere. Bath time. She gets incredibly excited as soon as she hears the water starting to run.

I don’t have official statistics for her yet (next week!). However, I am guessing she is in the 18-20 pound range. She routinely wears 18 month clothing, with a few 24 months thrown in. I can’t believe how tall she is.

Sleep. She likes her naps, two hours each, at 9 and 1. She sleeps from 7 until 7 most days, only waking up once or twice.

Food. She has just started copying Gabriel while he is eating. We have experimented with a few things, peaches, squash, banana. Nothing is that interesting, yet.

Nicknames. Oh my. Sis. Squawky. Floppy. Hopefully none of those will stick. She does screech constantly, when happy (almost always) or frustrated. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell which.

On the move. She can move around a room quite efficiently, by rolling and “walking” with her feet on her side. She isn’t quite sitting yet. She LOVES to stand.

She will have a few teeth pop through any day. baby session six month session6mo#4 (1 of 1)6mo#1 (1 of 1)

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…out the window…

Our utility company has been trimming trees and brush for the past few months. During this past summer, we would wander down the road to catch a glimpse of the excitement.

Flashing lights. Loud noise. Heavy equipment. Every little man’s dream. He was enamored.

They just started on our house on Monday. I had just put Gianna down for a nap. I took him into my bedroom and showed him what was happening. He is at the stage of not enjoying photos, which is probably why I enjoy these so much. I went downstairs and grabbed my camera. I  crept upstairs and watched him look out the window. I was able to snap a few before he noticed I was there.

We then bundled up and went outside for a better look. After we were frozen from the driving sleet, we came inside and enjoyed a nice cup of lukewarm hot chocolate, toddler style.

Beth Erin Photography. Natural lifestyleLooking out the window3Looking out the window4Looking out the window2



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…Little G…

 …4 months…

I waited for her to fall asleep. I love the sounds of her little sighs. She is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. Her smile lights up a room. Her eyes are the most stunning blue.  Here are just a few favorites from that day.



sideways4MOcrib1-9422 copy.jpg4MOcrib2-9424.jpg4MOFINALPIC-9404.jpgarms2--c81.jpghand4MOcrib2-9432.jpgbrotherlove2-9364 copy-c90.jpg

gianna collage 4mo.jpg


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