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…Cousino Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

I met this sweet family last fall. Six beautiful children.

They giggled. They chased each other across the fields. They picked flowers for their mom and blew fluff off the lone dandelion for the season. I loved just watching them interact. The little man wore a tie just like dad. One girl “brought refreshments” and they had a little picnic during our session. The little cat boots. Their little necklaces. They wanted to show me everything and help take pictures.

Such a beautiful evening watching them just be.

Here are some favorites:

cousino-betherinphotography-2-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-11-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-13-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-14-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-21-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-32-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-35-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-43-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-49-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-59-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-63-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-64-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-75-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-92-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-100-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-103-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-128-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-138-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-144-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-146-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-149-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-152-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-153-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-173-of-174cousino-betherinphotography-99-of-174 cousino-betherinphotography-118-of-174


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…Jacobs Family | Temperance, MI | Family Session…

jacobs-betherinphotography-16This family is really special to me. We met during our son’s infant swim class three years ago. Our sons quickly became good friends. We don’t live that close anymore, but we still try to find days and places to get together. Some days it is at a park where the kids can feed ducks. Other times it is at REI for some quick errands.We never have long enough time to spend together.

Either way, I really appreciate her. She is always positive. Always smiling and always there for people. She radiates love. He is her biggest supporter and you can tell how proud he is of her by how he talks about her. Their son is sweet as can be. They just welcomed a daughter this year and she is the happiest baby.

Babywearing is a big part of their lives and I was really happy that she wanted to shoot some photos wrapping their little girl. She got me started with woven wraps and I am so thankful. She runs a FB page called Wrapped Around the World that is full of information, advice and suggestions for fellow baby wearers. She is a fellow photographer and I understand and appreciate how important it is to have few photos with you actually in them.

We snuck this session in just before the sun set after spending that afternoon celebrating my son’s birthday. The colors were striking. I had a hard time choosing some favorites.

Here is a sneak peek:

jacobs-betherinphotography-4 jacobs-betherinphotography-20 jacobs-betherinphotography-27 jacobs-betherinphotography-30 jacobs-betherinphotography-40 jacobs-betherinphotography-42 jacobs-betherinphotography-44 jacobs-betherinphotography-46 jacobs-betherinphotography-51 jacobs-betherinphotography-55 jacobs-betherinphotography-58 jacobs-betherinphotography-68 jacobs-betherinphotography-79 jacobs-betherinphotography-83 jacobs-betherinphotography-88 jacobs-betherinphotography-91 jacobs-betherinphotography-99 jacobs-betherinphotography-110 jacobs-betherinphotography-115 jacobs-betherinphotography-118 jacobs-betherinphotography-119 jacobs-betherinphotography-124 jacobs-betherinphotography-128 jacobs-betherinphotography-132

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…Lauren & Drake S. & family | Temperance, MI | Family session…


Eight years. Cancer. Seven years of graduate school. Four children. They have been through quite a journey already. They are still so joyful.

Sometimes people are just a breath of fresh air. She is. Her laugh and her smile are contagious. I met her a year ago, when their youngest girl was an itty bitty. He is finishing up his Post Doctorate fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Toledo. Their kids are just fantastic. I was really excited when we started talking family photos a few months ago.

The kids were troopers. Three of them fell asleep in the car on the way over as it was really close to bedtime. This was a shoot where I just loved to sit back and watch them interact. They each wanted a turn holding their little sister. The hugs and kisses and loves didn’t stop the entire time.

At one point, an airplane flew overhead and the youngest son was instantly daydreaming about some sort of adventure, I am sure. You can tell how much love is in this family but looking at the photos of them all together. They make my heart happy.

Their family, motto: “That this too, might make me holy.”

Thank you for a fantastic evening.

Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

steed-beth-erin-photography steed-beth-erin-photography-9 steed-beth-erin-photography-16steed-beth-erin-photography-10 steed-beth-erin-photography-29 steed-beth-erin-photography-36 steed-beth-erin-photography-38steed-beth-erin-photography-43 steed-beth-erin-photography-47steed-beth-erin-photography-37steed-beth-erin-photography-48steed-beth-erin-photography-45 steed-beth-erin-photography-50 steed-beth-erin-photography-52steed-beth-erin-photography-55 steed-beth-erin-photography-57 steed-beth-erin-photography-59 steed-beth-erin-photography-61 steed-beth-erin-photography-58steed-beth-erin-photography-64 steed-beth-erin-photography-67 steed-beth-erin-photography-71 steed-beth-erin-photography-74steed-beth-erin-photography-40 steed-beth-erin-photography-80


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…Theresa & Nathan B. & Family | Family Session | Temperance, MI…


“For better or worse till death do us part
I’ll love you with every beat of my heart”

Two sweet little girls and one adorable new baby brother.

I met the mom at a park play date a few months ago when she was still pregnant with their baby boy. Their girls are my children’s age, which prompted a mom/kid play date. Code for adult conversation while kids dig in a sandbox. The best type of play date.

She is a farm girl – which makes me soooo happy. He is a Physical Therapist. We spent the morning talking about animals,  growing up on a farm, having kids, marriage. It was so refreshing. She has an adorable ETSY shop for cute hats and sewn goods.

They are lindy hoppers!! I get excited about meeting fellow swingers. If only I had some outdoor swing music. Swing is just good for the soul.

While we were taking photos, two little fawns stumbled out into the field and watched us. The girls squealed with excitement.
They picked little bouquets for their mom. The sun was just slipping down below the trees and left a gorgeous glow on everything.

Her Mr. is so happy when he looks at her. I love the one of him laughing. She is stunning and a beautiful person, inside and out.
These three kids are so lucky to have them as parents. Caring, compassionate and patient.

Thank you for sharing your family with me!!

bylicki-beth-erin-photography bylicki-beth-erin-photography-6 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-9 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-12 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-15 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-18 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-22 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-23 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-26 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-29 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-36 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-40 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-46 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-49 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-51 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-54 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-56 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-60 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-63 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-72 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-73 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-83 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-87 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-88 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-90 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-91 bylicki-beth-erin-photography-97


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…Lyn and Jeff & family | Family | Freeland, MI

“You’re my every minute of my everyday……And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It’s you, it’s you, you make me sing..you’re my everything” Michael Bublé.

Life with kids is busy. Sometimes it is hard to just be.  I love it when times slows down just enough that you can just treasure the moment. I got to see one of those moments with this family.

We had about 30 minutes before the sun was gone for the day. They wrapped up in blankets and made this one amazing shoot. They even got to dance to their song, just only for a moment. Big sis loves little sis. Her face lights up when you tell her about their future together and all of the things she will get to do with her. Little sis is one of the happiest babies, ever. Mom and dad? These girls are truly blessed. They are some of the best people I know. They are the type of people you can talk to for HOURS into the early hours of the morning about anything under the sun. Hours of conversations. Hours of laughter. Hours of those cherished moments.

Here you go, Lyn and Jeff. You have one amazing life:

Lemerand-family-session (6 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (9 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (10 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (19 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (25 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (29 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (32 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (38 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (43 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (48 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (51 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (1 of 5)Lemerand-family-session (54 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (56 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (61 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (64 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (65 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (72 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (75 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (79 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (81 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (135 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (134 of 138)Lemerand-family-session (84 of 138)Lemerand-family-session (83 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (86 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (98 of 138)Lemerand-family-session (91 of 138) Lemerand-family-session (92 of 138)Lemerand-family-session (2 of 2)

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…Trampas + Toni & Family | Lifestyle Family session | Felton, PA…


Have you ever met someone that instantly made you feel like family? Maybe it is someone that you may just met, haven’t seen for ten years, don’t talk to but a few times a year, but know you are FAMILY. Once you meet up? You pick up right where you left off. You can spend hours cooking away in the kitchen, playing with the children, reminiscing with the adults. You just feel the love and the connection.

My mom’s side of the family is that family. They are truly very special.

I have never met any other family like this.

Last week, my children, my mother, and myself made a quick road trip (9.5 hours) to Felton, PA. York County Pennsylvania is the land of fantastic peaches, winding roads, gorgeous barns, and my family. We stayed with my uncle, visited with family, and soaked up as much family as physically possible in six days. Tears were shed, necks were hugged, laughter and memories were created.

This particular family?

They are my cousins, but I told Toni I was adopting her as a sister. My son calls them Aunt and Uncle. I love that. Toni’s smile and laugh are infectious. Trampas loves them all fiercely.

Their daughter is the sweetest. She spent hours playing with my kids, helping bathe/dress/feed my kids throughout the week. She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out. Their son? His eyes are incredible. He might be a best friend of my little boy. They referred to each other as “Somebody” and “Gave.” Too cute.

It was drizzling out when we started this session, which matched my mood as it was our last evening together. However, their smiles would warm up anyone. The beautiful colors were almost enchanting.

We had such a wonderful time there, I can’t wait to go back. The kids will be bigger, we will be older, but…..they will be there. Family.

ferree-58ferree-54ferree-53ferree-51ferree-20 ferree-15 ferree-29 ferree-33 ferree-37 ferree-35 ferree-34 ferree-39 ferree-25ferree-23 ferree-41 ferree-42 ferree-45 ferree-16ferree-46ferree-50

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…Three siblings…| Mini Family Session | Belgrade, MT

I have known this family for years. I love that I get to seem them almost every time I go home. They have three wonderful children. This was a semi-private session, but they graciously agreed to letting me share a few favorites. Next time, we might have to sneak a family photo as well ;).

The afternoon was perfect. The girls brought their umbrellas and asked if I would take a photo with them. Of course. Stinking adorable. The little boy. Oh. His curls. I might be jealous of his hair.

This was a really fun mini session. Their mom is a fantastic outfit planner. Everything worked so well together. Super sweet children.

Here are a few favorites!

Jamison-1 Jamison-1-2jamison-20jamison-4 jamison-6 jamison-18 jamison-8 jamison-10jamison-19jamison-11 jamison-12jamison-13

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